#1 Surmantha Bennet
#2 Jackson Barker Shoemaker
#3 Rueann Lanphear

Picture #1 is a picture of Surmantha Bennet, taken about 1870. The picture was in the possession of Helen Fromi. The picture was a Carte de Viste type photo. Pictures of Peter Mohler, Rueann Lanphear, and Andrew J. and Jason L. Mohler were also taken at the same time as the photo of Surmantha was taken. Surmantha was residing with Peter and Rueann in the 1870 census. Jason, husband of Surmantha died in 1867, and Surmantha survived to 1876.

Picture #2 is a photo of Jackson Barker Shoemaker and was in the possession of Andrew Jackson Mohler and Elizabeth Ann Stiles. The Carte de Viste type photo had written on the back "Uncle Jackson Shoemaker, died Sandwich Islands". Jackson was evidently never married and moved to Hawaii (Sandwich Islands), where he died in 1874. The fact that Jackson resided in Hawaii was found only from the back of this photo and led to the finding of an obituary in Hawaii. Jackson B. was a Son of Surmantha Bennet from her first husband, Ahimaaz Harker Shoemaker. From the picture Jackson may have been a missionary. This photo was probably taken within a few years of Jackson's death in 1874.

Picture #3 is a photo of Rueann Lanphear, Daughter of Jason Lanphear and Surmantha Bennet, taken about 1870. The original photo is a tin type, placed in a holder by the maker which was lined with stars. This holder was common during the civil war days and continued thereafter. The original is in the possession of Helen Fromi, descendant of Peter and Rueann. Rueann would be about age 23.