#1 Lucinda Judd
#2 Hannah Judd (1831-1912)
Lucinda Judd (1822-1912)
#3 Mary Mariah Decker

#4 William & Chloe
Tilton Family
#5 Jay D. Tilton
Harry Homer Tilton

Picture #1 is a photograph of Lucinda Judd. The original was from a Carte de visite type photo and was in the possession of William Wesley McDonald and Lucinda Mariah Emmerson. The photo was probably taken in the late 1870's or early 1880's. The picture was marked on the back with "John Ericks photo, Glenwood, Minnesota". The photo was also identified with "Decker" on the back. John Decker, husband of Lucinda Judd, died in 1887.

Picture #2 is a photo of Hannah Judd (Left) and Lucinda Judd (Right), daughters of Lyman Judd and Chloe Ann Shippy. The back of the photo was marked with "Hannah Warren" and "Lucinda Decker". The picture was probably taken in the early 1900's, probably in Portland, Oregon.

Picture #3 is a photo of Mary Mariah Decker, daughter of John Decker and Lucinda Judd. The original is from a Tin Type. The Tin Type was in a paper holder with "Geo. L. Lucas, Portrait and Landscape Photographer, Sauk Centre, Minn" written on the back. The back was also marked with "Emmerson". This photo was apparently taken just prior to Mary Mariah's death in 1883.