Henry Mohler was born about 1768 at Berwick Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania, and was the Son of Jacob Mohler. Henry's mother is yet to be identified, but we do know that Henry had at least two Brothers and one Sister, namely Solomon Mohler, Jacob Mohler Jr., and Catharine Mohler. Henry resided in Berwick Township until about age 17, when in about 1785 he removed with his Father Jacob and his Grandfather Henry Mohler to near Taneytown, Frederick County (now Carroll County), Maryland, a distance of about twenty miles. He remained in the area of Taneytown until sometime between 1810 and 1820 when he removed to Reading Township, Perry County, Ohio. His Brother Solomon Mohler and his Sister Catharine Mohler, wife of Michael Lutz, also removed to Reading Township, Perry, Ohio about the same timeperiod. Jacob Mohler Jr. remained in Carroll County, Maryland.

The exact year of birth of Henry Mohler is uncertain and the year 1768 is somewhat speculative. A number of sources give us clues to his birthyear. Henry's cemetery stone states that Henry Mohler "died April 30, 1821, aged 43 years". From this stone we would assume that Henry Mohler was born in 1777 or 1778. This seems unlikely, although not impossible, since Henry had a Son John born in 1796. The Censusus of 1800, 1810 and 1820 shed a different picture regarding his likely birthyear.

1800 Census - Age 26-45 (born 1755-1774)

1810 Census - Age 26-45 (born 1765-1784)

1820 Census - Age 45 and over (born 1775 or before)

The above censuses indicate that Henry was born sometime between 1765 and 1775. Henry's wife Mary was age 80 in the 1850 Census, putting her birth at 1770, so it seems probable that Henry was born a few years prior to her birth. Perhaps new information will surface to more accurately establish his birthyear. As mentioned above, Henry Mohler was born in Berwick Township, Adams County, Pennsylvania. The tax records of Berwick Township, along with the Land records of York County (later became Adams County), show that the family resided in Berwick Township from at least 1763 until 1785.

There has been no record found of the marriage of Henry Mohler to his wife Anna Maria, who also went by the name of Mary. They were likely married about 1795 as they had a Son John born on 21 July 1796 who is believed to be their oldest child. Although not proven, it is believed that Anna Maria's maiden name was Sowers (also spelled Sauer). The belief that Anna Maria's maiden name was Sowers will be expounded upon below.

The first substantial records concerning Henry and Anna Maria come from the records of Emanuel Baust's Lutheran and Reformed Church of Carroll County Maryland. Although the records are very spotty, we do find the christenings of two of Henry and Anna Maria's children, along with the baptism of Henry Mohler as an adult:

Johannes, Born Jul. 21, 1796, christened Sept. 11, 1796, Son of Henry Mohler and Maria.

Witnesses: Jacob Schreier and Barb.

Elisabeth, Born Nov. 30, 1800, christened Jan. 18, 1801, Daughter of Heinrich Mohler and Anna Maria

Witnesses: Elizabeth (?), and Jacob Bischof.

11 Nov. 1798 Jacob Mohler, married, was baptized.

Henry Mohler, married, was baptized.

This baptismal entry of Jacob and Henry Mohler proves very interesting, as it shows that Jacob and Henry Mohler were baptized into the church as adults. It was this record that led to the belief that Jacob and Henry Mohler may have married into the same family, namely the Sowers' family. Although there is definite proof that Jacob Mohler Jr. married into the Sowers family, there is no proof that Henry Mohler married into the Sowers family. The belief that Anna Maria was a Sowers is based on numerous pieces of information, as follows: The Jacob Mohler baptized above married first, Elizabeth Sowers, and after her death Jacob married the Sister of Elizabeth Sowers, namely Susannah Sowers. The eldest Son of Jacob Mohler Jr. and Elizabeth Sowers was David Mohler (born 1797) who also removed to Perry County Ohio about 1823. There was definitely a close link between David Mohler (born 1797) and Jacob Mohler (born 1803), Son of Henry Mohler and Anna Maria, which led to the belief that David Mohler (born 1797) and Jaocb Mohler (born 1803) were both children of Henry Mohler and Anna Maria. It was later proven incorrect, as the administration of Jacob Mohler Jr. in 1829 in Frederick County Maryland (later Carroll County) proved that David Mohler was his Son and not the Son of Henry Mohler. Jacob Mohler (born 1803) was also later proven to be the Son of Henry Mohler and Anna Maria. Because of the belief that Anna Maria, wife of Henry Mohler, was also a Sowers, it led to the finding of the probate records of William Sowers, dated 1825, and Catharine his wife, dated 1834, which listed all their children in birth order. Because Elizabeth Sowers, wife of Jacob Mohler Jr. had died prior to the administration of William's estate, all the children of Jacob Mohler Jr. and Elizabeth Sowers were also listed in the estate. William's estate listed the following children: George, Peter, Margaret, John, Anna Maria, Anna Catharine, Elizabeth, Hannah, Magdalene, Philip, and Susannah. As stated above, Anna Maria, wife of Henry Mohler was residing in the household of Joseph Mohler in the 1850 census. Mary was given as age 80, putting her birthyear in 1770. A number of the christenings of the children of William and Catharine Sowers were found in the church records of Adams County Pennsylvania, namely Margaret, born 16 Sep 1767; John, christened 5 Nov 1769; and Anna Catharine born 3 Feb 1772. Since Anna Maria sowers was listed in the estate between John and Catharine it is apparent that she was born in 1770. From all these sources, it is believed that Anna Maria, wife of Henry Mohler, was Anna Maria Sowers, Daughter of William and Catharine Sowers. The early christening records of Emanuel Baust's church also show that the Sowers family were members. The communion records show that "An. Mar. Sauerin, single" took communion on 4 Nov 1792. Anna Maria Sauer is not shown in the communion records after 1792. However, "Mary Mohlerin" took communion on 6 Nov 1796, and again on 23 April 1797 listed as "An. Mar. Mohlerin".

The census records of Frederick County, Maryland for 1790, 1800, and 1810 prove very valuable in determining the relationships of the early Mohler family. The 1790 census shows "Jacob Moaler" and Solomon "Moaler" residing nearby in Frederick County, Maryland. The 1800 census shows "Henry Moler" on page 187, and "Jacob Moler Jr., Jacob Moler Sr. and Solomon Moler" residing together on page 185, all in Taneytown District, Frederick County (later Carroll County), Maryland. Henry Moler is shown to be age 26-45, as is his wife. Also listed in the household are two males under age 10. The 1810 census shows "H. Moler and J. Moler" residing on page 263 in Frederick County, Maryland. "S. Moler" is show on page 271, again in Frederick County, Maryland. "H. Moler" is shown to be age 26-45, while his wife is shown to be age 45 and over. Also in the household are 2 males age 10-16, 2 males under age 10, and 2 females age 10-16. It appears that there is an error in the enumeration of the females. There are two females age 10-16 listed, along with Anna Maria age 45 and over. It seems likely that when the census was taken or when it was recopied that the person either entering the information or copying the information inadvertently marked the column one to the right of the intended column. Since there were no females listed on the 1800 census, it seems unlikely that there would be two females born between 1794 and 1800 as the 1810 census leads one to believe. More likely, the two females should be listed as under age 10, and Anna Maria shown as 45 and over should be listed as age 26-45.

The above census records, particularly the 1800 census, show that there was a Jacob Mohler Sr., and a Jacob Mohler Jr., eluding to the thought that Jacob Mohler Sr. was the Father of Solomon, Henry, Catharine, and Jacob Mohler Jr. The household of Jacob Mohler Sr. in 1800 shows 1 male age 45 and over and 2 females age 45 and over. Solomon Mohler is shown as age 26-45; Henry Mohler age 26-45; and Jacob Mohler Jr. as age 16-26. These age categories lend to the belief that Jacob Mohler Sr. is the Father of Solomon Mohler, Henry Mohler, and Jacob Mohler Jr. The will of Henry Mohler Sr., dated 1796, and probated in 1797, give us further evidence of the Mohler family relationships. Henry Mohler lists his children in his will as Jacob Mohler, John Mohler, Valentine Mohler, and Margaret Prossel. He also states "First, I give and bequeath unto my Grandson Henry Moler, son of Jacob, the full sum of ten pounds . . .". This will shows that our Henry Mohler was a Son of Jacob Mohler, and a Grandson of Henry Mohler who died in 1797 in Frederick County Maryland (later Carroll County). Solomon Mohler was also listed as one of the witnesses to Henry's Will, and signs his name exactly as he does in the Perry County Ohio records.

From the above census, church, and probate records, the Mohler family of Perry County Ohio and Frederick County (later Carroll County) Maryland is well documented. Many have believed that the Mohler family of Perry County Ohio were descendants of Ludwig Mohler of Lancaster County Pennsylvania. Their belief has been based on the belief that Ludwig Mohler had a Son Ludwig Mohler Jr. that removed to Frederick County Maryland and therefore the Mohler's of Perry County Ohio who indicated their birth state as Maryland must be his descendants. The belief that these Mohler's were descendants of Ludwig Mohler Jr. seems understandable based on the information available at the time. However, with the new information expounded on above, and which will be further expounded on in the histories of Jacob Mohler Sr.(1736) and Henry Mohler (1711), no doubt should remain as to the fact that we are not descendants of Ludwig Mohler Sr. or Jr.

Henry Mohler (1768) has never been found in the land records of Frederick County Maryland or Perry County Ohio. It seems probable that he had purchased land in Reading Township or a lot in the town of New Reading, but if he did, it was never recorded in the Land Records.

The Court Records of Perry County provide the most valuable information concerning the family of Henry Mohler. In Volume B, page 87A of the Minutes, dated 14 May 1821, Mary Mohler, the widow, and John Waggoner Jr. were appointed administrators of the estate of Henry Mohler. After the initial appointment of Mary Mohler and John Waggoner as administrators of Henry's estate, the court records are silent for eight year. Finally, at the May term of 1829, Volume E, page 47, the administration of the estate of Henry Moler is again mentioned. The record only states that the exhibits and vouchers of his estate were presented with a view to a final settlement to occur at the next term. Then in the September Term, 1829, in Volume E, Page 64, Henry Moler's estate was presented, the record indicating that a final settlement was examined by the court and found correct. No other information relating to the heirs was given.

However, the court records give one final, and very important, record relating to Henry Mohler. The record is recorded in the Appearance Docket, Volume D, Page 7, and took place at the May term of 1830. The record states:

"22 May 1830, John Waggoner, Administr. of Henry Moler Decd. Vs. Mary Moler, John Moler, Jacob Moler and Joseph Moler. Debt $161.95, Damages $50. !830, Served this writ by reading the same to the Defendants, B. Ream, Sheriff. Dismissed by Plaintiff and Judgement against Defendants September Term 1830. Clerks fees $1.50 paid, Sheriff Ream $1.91, paid. Total $3.41."

The Minutes of the September Term of 1830, recorded in Volume E, Page 101, record the following:

"John Waggoner Admr. of Henry Mohler decd, Vs. Mary, John, Jacob and Joseph Mohler. Debt, This cause is settled by the parties and by agreement judgment to be entered against Defendants for costs. Whereupon it is considered by the court that said Plaintiff recover of said Defendants his costs in this behalf expended taxed at $3.41."

This record is very valuable in proving at least some of Henry's children. It does, however cause some confusion. The index to the appearance docket states "Waggoner, John Admr. of Henry Mohler vs. The heirs of Henry Mohler, page 7". Although the actual record in the appearance docket or in the minutes does not state that the defendants were the heirs of Henry Mohler, the person listing the case in the index must have known that they were the heirs of Henry Mohler, which takes away all doubt as to who those listed might be. This record does cause some confusion, however. First, why did the estate take eight years to complete? One reason for the delay may be related to the fact that the estate evidently had a deficit. The Minutes of the September Term of 1830 show "Debt", indicating that the case was related to a debt. The Appearance Docket records of the May Term of 1830 show the reason for the suit was "Debt $161.95, damages 50." All indicate that John Waggoner, Plaintiff in the suit, and also the administrator of Henry's estate, was suing the heirs of Henry Mohler because there was not enough money to pay the debts. Perhaps John Waggoner was a friend of the family and was hoping that the family would be able to repay him over time the shortfall.

Also confusing about the suit is the fact that Son John Mohler is listed as one of the heirs. It seems very strange that he would be listed in a suit in 1830 as he had died on 16 August 1828. He is buried in New Reading Cemetery next to Henry Mohler and Mary Mohler. His stone states his birthdate as 21 July 1796, the exact date of birth given in Emanuel Baust's church for John, Son of Henry and Anna Maria Mohler. This cemetery stone of John Mohler definitely ties the Henry Mohler family of Perry County Ohio to the Henry Mohler family of Frederick County Maryland (later Carroll County). But why would John be listed in 1830 if he died in 1828? One can only assume that the suit was initiated prior to the death of John, but that the suit did not come to court until a number of years later. Another possibility is that John Waggoner had not realized that John Mohler had passed away when he sued the family in 1830. Also confusing is the fact that a number of the children of Henry Mohler are not listed in the suit. If indeed John Waggoner was suing the heirs of Henry Mohler, then why would he not list all the heirs? Again, we can only make assumptions to answer this question. There are at least two children not listed in the suit which are almost definitely children of Henry Mohler, namely Mary Mohler, wife of Sebastian Mantz, and Henry Mohler Jr. In a history of Paul Mantz, Son of Sebastian and Mary, the history states that Mary Mohler was the Daughter of Henry Mohler, a native of Maryland. Henry Mohler was born 2 August 1809, and may not have been listed because he was under the age of 21 when the suit was initiated. Perhaps some of the heirs had repaid John Waggoner their portion of the shortfall of Henry's estate. Or perhaps, John Waggoner only included the male heirs who were of age 21 or older. Whatever the reason, the suit leaves questions as to whether there are additional children of Henry and Anna Maria Mohler since we know that at least two of his children were not listed in the suit.

The 1820 census should be helpful in determining what children were still residing in the household. The 1820 census finds "Henry Mouler" residing in Reading Township, Perry County, Ohio. In the household is 1 male age 45 and over, 2 males age 16-26, 2 males 10-16, 2 females age 10-16, and 1 female age 45 and over. The male and female age 45 and over are certainly Henry and Anna Maria. The two males age 16-26 are almost certainly John Mohler (1796) and Jacob Mohler (1803) and the two males age 10-16 are Joseph Mohler (1806) and Henry Mohler (1809). The females age 10-16 would be Mary Mohler (1805) who married Sebastian Mantz and one other female unknown. It is thought that Elizabeth Mohler may have died young. The other female may be Jane Mohler, wife of Daniel Heatley/Healy.

At the time the 1830 census was taken we would expect to find Mary Mohler, widow of Henry Mohler, residing with her family, but no such record has been found in Reading Township. However, we do find a listing for a "Jacob Mohler" in Reading Township. Jacob Mohler (1803) was evidently the oldest living male child of Henry Mohler and Anna Maria, so it seems logical that he would be listed by the census taker when he came to enumerate the family in 1830. In the household are 2 males age 20-30, 2 females age 20-30, and 1 female under age 5. It is believed that these are the children of Henry Mohler, unmarried. The two males would likely be Jacob Mohler (1803) and Joseph Mohler (1806), both married in 1831. The two females would likely have been Mary Mohler (1805), married in 1831 and perhaps Jane Mohler, married in 1833. Who the female age under 5 would be is uncertain, and why Mary Mohler, widow of Henry Mohler, is not listed is also uncertain. Perhaps the census taker made a mistake and recorded Mary incorrectly, or perhaps she was residing elsewhere at the time the census was taken. Henry Mohler (1809) married on 9 February 1830 and was enumerated in New Reading, age 20-30 in his own household, so was not in the household of Jacob Mohler. Likewise John Mohler was not listed in the household of Jacob Mohler as he died in 1828.

The 1840 census finds Mary Mohler, widow of Henry Mohler, evidently residing with Joseph Mohler, her Son. Joseph was residing in Hopewell Township, Perry County, Ohio, and in the household is one female age 50-60. Mary would have been age 70 in 1840, but since Mary was residing with Joseph in the 1850 census, it is believed that this female, age 50-60, is also Mary Mohler.

The children of Henry Mohler and Anna Maria (Sowers?) are still unproved in their entirety. We do have proof of the following children:

John Mohler - Born 21 July 1796 and christened at Emanuel Baust's church near Taneytown, Maryland. Hi is buried next to Henry and Mary Mohler in New Reading Cemetery and his stone gives the exact date of birth as given in Emanuel Baust's church records. He died 16 Aug 1828, and was evidently never married.

Elizabeth Mohler - born 30 Nov 1800 and christened at Emanuel Baust's church near Taneytown, Maryland. No other information concerning Elizabeth has been found. She is believed to have died prior to 1810.

Jacob Mohler - born 12 Mar 1803 as calculated from the age on his cemetery stone and from the age given on the 1850 census. The 1850 census shows that he was born in Maryland. He married Margaret Dupler on 13 March 1831 in Perry County. He resided in Reading Township until sometime in the 1840's and then moved to Marion Township, Hocking County, Ohio, not far from Reading Township. He is listed in the court record of John Waggoner versus the heirs of Henry Mohler. He is also listed as head of the household in the 1830 census of the apparent family of Henry Mohler. He died 20 October 1870 and is buried at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Monday Creek Township, Perry County, Ohio, next to the family of David Mohler (1797), his apparent double cousin, Son of Jacob Mohler Jr. and Elizabeth Sowers. He was also listed as an heir of Henry Mohler in the Perry County Court records of 1830.

Mary Mohler - born 1805 and died after 1887. She listed her birth state as Maryland in the 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880 censuses. The history of Paul Mantz in the History of Green County, Iowa, dated 1887, states that "His mother, Mary (Mohler) Mantz, was a daughter of Henry Mohler, a native of Maryland, and of German ancestry." Mary Mohler married Philip Sebastian Mantz on 21 April 1831 in Perry County, Ohio.

Joseph Mohler - born 1806. Mary Mohler, age 80, was listed in the household of Joseph Mohler in the 1850 census of Somerset, Perry County, Ohio. He was shown to be age 44, born Maryland. He was also listed in the court records of Perry County as one of the heirs of Henry Mohler. Joseph married Nancy Hillen on 14 Jul 1831 in Perry County, Ohio.

Henry Mohler - born 2 August 1809. He married Magdalene Rice on 9 Feb 1830 in Perry County Ohio. He moved to Fairfield County, Ohio for a short time and then moved to Allen County, Ohio, and finally to Pulaski County, Indiana, where he died on 8 Jan 1881.

As mentioned above, Henry Mohler, Mary Mohler and John Mohler were buried at the New Reading Cemetery in New Reading, Perry County, Ohio. The stones read as follows:

SACRED IN MEMORY OF JOHN MOHLER & Was Born July 21, A D 1796 & Dc August 16th 1828, Aged 32 years and 25 days.


HENRY MOLER died April 30, 1821, aged 43 years.

Weep not my dearest friends.

Nor shed your tears in vain:

My face you'l see no more.

Till calld to rise again.

The stone of Mary Mohler gives no birth or death date. The stone of Mary Mohler and John Mohler have almost the same wording, so perhaps when John Mohler died in 1828, Mary also had a stone prepared for herself. This seems to be the only logical explanation for Mary's stone not have at least a death date. Mary died sometime after 1850 and probably before 1860, and when she died her children never had the dates put on her stone.